Dr. Arghya Majumdar

Renal Transplant Physician in Kolkata, India

MD, DNB, MRCP (UK), Higher Specialty Training (Nephrology), UK,
Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician


Critical Care Nephrology

What is Critical Care Nephrology?

Over the past several decades, the acuity of hospitalized patients has increased, as has the percentage of time that nephrologists spend caring for patients in intensive care units. This includes both the care of patients with CKD or dialysis-dependent kidney failure who are predisposed to the development of critical illness in the setting of sepsis, cardiovascular disease, and postsurgical management as well as the management of patients with various etiologies of AKI. This increasing overlap between nephrology and critical care is manifested by an increasing number of nephrologists who have chosen to obtain dual training in nephrology and critical care medicine, and nephrology training programs developing dedicated critical care nephrology tracks. However, even for those who are not dual trained, it is increasingly important that nephrologists remain abreast of the continuing advances in critical care medicine as they relate to the care of patients with kidney disease, as well as specific aspects of kidney disease that may arise in the intensive care unit.